Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Day One Entry: 5 Apr 2014

Salzberg old town and Market area. Think the word would be cosmopolitan, rich foods and coffee shops. Red Bull shop, gives you wings, or at least your money seems to fly if you shop in there. The towns clean and very beautiful, the architecture is well thought out and the the place is maintained to the highest standard.
Apart from all that, the food.. The food, cheeses and smoked meat. Nice :-)
Saw the Cathedral and what an amazing place that is, I always end up asking myself questions though.
Jesus was a man who had nothing and travelled with nothing because he knew his father would provide for him. When he healed the sick and took care of the poor did he envision these buildings built in his memory filled with splendour that cost so much in time and money to maintain? Or did he see the good news as not needing any of this?
There was an effigy hanging today of the crucified Jesus inside the Cathedral. If you imagine the tomb he lay in when dead, a cave carved from the rock. That place couldn't be further from this, should an image of the dead Jesus be within? Or the risen Jesus ascending to Heaven. Or… Are these places of splendour what Gods house is where Jesus reserves a seat for us. Oh the wonder of faith… Austria is Catholic and faith here is practiced and shared by all. Water in the street usually unsure a statue of a saint. Great :-) God Bless
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Universit√§tsplatz 9–17, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

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