Friday, April 04, 2014

Day One Entry: 2 Apr 2014

So day one. Sat had a beer and had some sleep. Woke up briefly to watch home alone with Joshua, he can't get any proper TV. Out and about tomorrow, go and see where we are, a town called Imst. The coaster we came for is closed, but we've found one in Salzberg to try later in the week. Looking forward to that, there's swimming and touring to do too.
Saw a restaurant called oilers on the way here on the B171, some American themed place. Will give that a try too :-) Toll roads on the journey I avoided with TomTom. Will use those I think for a faster journey tomorrow. First impressions though, very nice. I like Austria, it's a beautiful country. Let's if my thoughts change through the week. God is here too, you can see him in the landscape and can hear him in the silence … It's dark now, so very dark and quiet, not had silence like this for such long time .
Feeling happy, God Bless.
47.2206° N, 11.1154° E

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Kay Jones said...

What an amazing way to describe him. I can hear him and see him through you and your writing too!

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