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Re: Ben's Training

Another reply....Is this just lip service from you and your work? I suspect that's the case. If this was my company and I offered self improvement to staff and they refused. Well, Dave C has a queue called the unemployed, full of folks wanting to self improve, I would certainly be looking at swopping some. On the other hand, someone asking to self improve but not giving the opportunity that was promised, seems a little odd. Or are you thinking you have the easy life now? Yes, that may be the case I suspect.In life if you want to do something then you just do it. People say no, do it anyway. Not continuing your education right now will be the biggest mistake you could make. (you've had the laziest education known to man) The rut that is life gets deeper the longer you stay on the same course. When it's deep it's hard to get out... Your mums life is an example, training and learning gave her a level playing field to go anywhere doing what she wanted to do. i.e. no ruts, …

Facebook asks

What's on your mind? What kind of a question is that? It could take a lifetime to answer, when you think you have the answer you kinda realise you haven't. There's always something else. Lucy lolly pop was really awful, not very funtertaining if I do say so. Ah! Who is Lucy Lolly pop? Like you're bothered. Then stop and think. What's on your mind? Lucy Lolly pop! I doubt it, why's she called that? Why is he writing about Lucy? Am I really interested in Lucy? You see as soon as you answer the only question Facebook asks, you realise there's no point. There is always something else on your mind. Why bother putting it on. Can you see I'm distracted? I always have something there, no inner silence. I should update my life status every four seconds.
Why am I writing this again. Always something on my mind and always a gadget in my hand or pocket. Is having electronics ever present the reason I can't silence my mind? If someone finds the answer please te…

Reading toy run

Well it’s been a while since I last made an entry, I’ve been so busy and travelling too much for my liking. I tried to get online to blog about an event I did just before Christmas. The event was the Reading toy run in aid of Barnardos. What a great day, I was left feeling very inspired and happy with myself and the thousands of others that joined in. A friend of mine invited me, he asked if I wanted to do a ride out on the motorbike. I sometimes pass on these because I’d rather have a point to riding my motorbike other than aimlessly going somewhere anywhere. Anyways I agreed and he told me to bring a toy to give to the charity. Every year bikers come together in Reading just off junction 11 and take a slow ride to Banardos in Wokingham. Every rider takes a toy along that’s later given out to kids in their care.

I was amazed by the effort some of these guys had made to make the day so special, decorated bikes, multiple gifts and a general sense of fun. Hundreds of people turned out t…

2011 The End

A different ending for me this year, the year of 'things I've not done before' and what a great old year it's been. Lots of newness happening and lots of oldness left in the back ground. I'm writing this from Butlins in Skegness, that's a new one, away from home and not having to host a new year party. Time to sit back and relax, well at least I thought. Today started with a Kart Race between eight of us and of course we all won. From there a stroll along the beach following that we watched a young girl make a leap of faith off a fifty foot platform. I dont understand how what followed happened, I opened my eyes after a thirty minute blur and I'm standing at the top of this pillar with people shouting up for me to jump. I stopped, shook and looked around - why am I here? What am I doing? ... Of course I jumped.. Aarrrgggghhhhh!!!! Awesome fun. I then had to change my trousers.