Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi, I'm home

What a welcome! Back from a week working away waiting for 'er in doors to get back. The door opens, in runs the boy... "hello daddy, how are you?" and gives me a big hug. Behind him I hear " hello, WHERE ARE THE DOGS". "Outside" I say. I put them outside because they're suffering with stinking mut sindrome. When I walked in today the hall was the first room stinking, then I open the kitchen door and 'oh Boy' minging! What else can you do to get shut of the stink. I put the dogs out with their carpets to run in the fresh air, then mopped the floor and cleaned up with some nice smelling stuff.
Now, I don't know what I did wrong. I go in the kitchen and there she is loving the dogs... I should know where I stand eh! What a great home coming, I had such big ideas of happiness and all that soppy stuff, I thought I had got my head clear after some time away. Maybe I have. I've not kicked off even though I've been treated with such contempt. I only got rid of a smell that was making me feel sick. She's a smoker so possibly can't smell it like me. Maybe I just need ..... 'to be'
These blogs are not visited that often by her so it will be a while before se knows how she made me feel. Pretty crap to say the least... At least she has the stinking dogs... I just have the stink.

:-) Moan over... back to happy days, I'm home.

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