Monday, September 10, 2007


Monday 16th October 2006, the day it all began. Sitting here tonight thinking about the way things are going. It's nearly been a year since I started the new job, who would have thought that one year in I would be thinking why the hell did you do that. The move, the new schools, the new house and new area are all OK, it's the job that's the problem. I started out thinking this should be good lots of new stuff to learn people to meet and things to be getting on with, boy, how wrong was I. What I've got is a job that's the same as my old one with a shit load more admin. Report this, track that, read this, present that.... What's that all about, I've never been too hot with admin but now I've got shed loads more. I've got all sorts of thoughts running around my head about the reasons I'm not enjoying the new job.
There are quite a few small things that have been said and done that just get me. Wow, you don't realise where an entry like this will take you but looky here where this ones going... It started on day one, I had a briefing from the boss about the many ways my time was to be tracked and reported on along with the team I was to supervise. OK I thought this is what a real supervisor should do, maybe? Pretty much from then on I worked long hours, got stressed with the most simple things and started to slowly question what was going on around me. I was constantly told by people around me the guy I work for was a cock; I said go easy on him we don't know the guy that well so lets give him the benefit of the doubt.
Why? I don't know.. Lately some relatively minor things that he's said are really starting to get to me. I was told that when doing team appraisals if I felt a team member deserved a high score that I would have to balance the high score with a low. I'll explain, say a good score is 3. An outstanding score is 4, I would have to balance giving a 4 by giving someone a 2. Pretty shit eh!
Company policy states that these appraisals should not have objectives set that are based on your job description and should have no more than 5 objectives in a year. Mine is only 3 months old and is based entirely on my job description and has 11 objectives... I said this is wrong the appraisal should not be based on the job description, that's what the company policy says.. Reply was that company policy is wrong.
The company I work for is moving on after a merger and is trying to take on an ethos of being open, energetic with less bureaucracy etc etc, my man told me that any company ethos isn't for us in our department so we should forget about it.
A new pay scheme is being spear headed by this guy, it would mean instead of getting overtime your hours simply shift into the night and you get a 30% uplift not overtime. The work we do has increased ten fold and is being done by less guys. I asked what was the reason for changing our hours.... He explained some people work through the night and stay on for the day, this is dangerous. Some people work through the night and return after rest to finish their day as should be done. But! there is a minority "who work through the night and have the whole next day off, this is taking the piss he said so it needs to be changed.... So there you go, change everyones hours to fix what the minority do.
I'm gonna stop there I feel better already...
I'm thinkin to myself would I want this entry to get into the hands of the bosses at work so they could see some of what is happening within their shiney new company.... Or not...
Back to where this post began, 16th October is nearly upon us. Only one year left.. !!
Maybe it's time for a real change, the job I do now has a new title and a boat load of admin but it's the same job I've been doing for about five years.... That's it! enlightened, decided, I'm gonna find a new job for a year until I can start ltd.
Did you know, I used to have a radio station called pbullox FM?
Happy Days...

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