Sunday, August 01, 2010

South Downs Done 2010

Was a rainy start making things a little damp... Oh no, is it gonna rain all day? of course not :-) Morning was mild, little bit of rain at lunch then glorious sunshine. It was ace. We had an early start, 5:30ish to get on our bikes at about half six. It was knackering - had Terry with me this year, someone to chat to on the way round.. Happy Days
Next year we'll be back, raised a bit for the heart foundation and burnt out our legs for a few days. I've made a promise to myself to maintain the cycling through the winter this year, it's been a hard slog to get over this years winter. I put weight on that I can't get shot of.. Oh well keep on plodding on... The Hills Killer is September. Bring it on!

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