Thursday, June 03, 2010

Getting Married

It's happening.. I need to sit back and tell myself that.. Sitting here at VM DMC being at the beck and call of a manager, I 'm waiting for some good working instructions on what he wants me to do.. All he need do is say and I'll get on. I'm quite capable at this Cable TV stuff. Anyways, killing some time while I'm waiting I'll drop some thoughts into the blog. A lot is happening and things are getting a little scary but, very exciting. Really - Very exciting... pBullox Ltd is setup and is embarking on it's first venture. An internet cafe and coffee shop, (see many previous posts) The premises is found and the lease is being sorted by the solicitors, I really want to get the keys by my Birthday. It's a big ask - who cares, waiting is a waste. We have some equipment and bags of ideas, the legal stuff will be got through and by the end of July we should be feeding, drinking and connecting... wow a slogan has just been born.
The name of the internet cafe and coffe shop is 'Caffe Connect'. The word Caffe being the Italian spelling - a friend of mine owns a cafe using this spelling so it will remind me of him, a great guy who spent time with me giving his insight. The connect part in the name should explain itself really, the place is all about connections, people, friends, computers, mail, chat - you name it we'll try to connect it.Funds are limited but I'm not gonna let that scare me off, I think with the right attitude this can be a success. If I keep the purpose at the front of my mind and keep God in the picture I'm sure he'll help and this will be better than I could ever do alone :-)
The contract work I have for Cotswold has been extended so I'm keeping my finger in at the Cable company to pay the bills. It's a good job to have with a lot of really great people, managers are ok too..
Michelle just called me and told me my sister has got engaged to be married.. Spooky, I asked her only the other day if she would ever get wed.. here she is engaged. Awesome news, she deserves a good bloke to be happy with. Her boys are growing up and going there own ways so now she can have a life sharing things with someone else. Happy days. God bless her and her family. Michelle said reaction from her friends has been that she is mad,silly, stupid. I think not, they don't want to share my sister with anyone - she's a really amazing person.

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