Monday, February 22, 2010

South Downs 2010

It's back, I'm back...
For yet another South Downs challenge.
This will be my third year attempting the ride. The past two have had their own set of problems. Back in 2007 I couldn't compete because of my heart condition was giving me problems. 2008 bought pain, suffering because someone didn't train enough... ! doh! Finally 2009 was good, I made it - Just about. Crashed on the hill down into Queen Elizabeth park.. Ouch! The bike was smashed - crank smashed, Me smashed... Never mind.
This Year I have a new bike, a new drive to get this done faster and more efficient. I mean no crashes. I'm soo looking forward to it. It's one of the best weekends in the year. My beautiful wife becomes my roady... A real team effort.
Partners in crime will not go a miss. If you fancy it come on, sign up... It's a great place and a great ride. Plus you get the added bonus of raising money for the (IMHO) number one charity in the uk.

Back to the blurb....
Come On! Sponsor me !

God Bless and thanks for reading and of course sponsoring... Love ya ;-)

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