Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to June

Summer time is here.. Finished work today until Monday 22nd. Got lots of things planned. Start tomorrow with a hair cut followed by watching the boy compete at running. He's eight now and has already raced for his school a few times; usually cross country but tomorrow is 100m and 500m.. All the best to him- he loves it.
Friday is time to travel to the island for the Music Festival, Ting Tings at 4pm finishing with Prodigy.. Looking forward to this weekend the music festival is ace. A weekend with Terry, Kay, Clare and this year Danny too. Just hope now the weather is good, even if it's not I'll still have a good time I'm sure. I'll try to upload stuff to the blog whilst I'm there, got everything sorted on the new phone.. Monday should be a day on the beach before I come home..

Tuesday got a confirmation service to go to, Wednesday a celebration of my own Baptism and Confirmation and Thursday it's my Birthday. Throughout the week I'm going to attempt to get the Karts sorted for the Soap Box Derby.

The docs arrived today for the South Downs Radonnee so time to step up the training to about 150 a week for while... That will be an errrrrr... 150 increase:-) Not doing too well with the training at the moment. Maybe a new bike will motivate me.... Oh well happy days, time off work for fun fun fun....

Watch this space....

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