Wednesday, January 05, 2011


A strange day yesterday.
Things took a positive route - I read that When God gives you a vision to follow you as an individual should peruse it and doors will start to open for you. I don't mean that in some way things will drop in your lap from the sky. What I'm thinking is that God will make clear where you should be at - and tell you that too.
Anyways I've been chasing jobs and positions lately and have chosen ones suitable but to no avail. Until, today. . . I was approached by an old colleague and friend who has put my name forward for a new position. (did weeks back without telling me) One that fits with where I want to be. I'm thinking this could be the one, a new opportunity. Not me chasing it but it chasing me. Made me feel quite special, today I woke up expecting to get to work to submit my CV. Expecting problems with getting it right I set off in the car... The weather was glorious, I told a friend I felt quite blessed by it. When submitting the CV the words just rolled out straight into the mail. Being myself and leaving the pomp out of the letter, I felt confident. I do hope this will be the one, get my life back on track with a new position doing what I do and continuing in the career I started all those years ago.
I feel this is my God given vision, let's hope so.
Jesus is Lord.

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