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Fairtrade Fortnight - Cakes

Believe! Saturday for a bit of fun I entered a cake baking contest at St Mary's church. It's held every year for Fair Trade fort night. With Thatcham being a fair-trade town and the guys running the campaign doing such a great job there are a number of events scheduled for all to take part in. Friday night I finished helping at the Youth Club, and got home about 10pm. I started putting my ingredients together and planning the cake…

Butter – English
Vanilla Sugar – Fairtrade
Icing Sugar – Fairtrade
Flour – Fairtrade
Coconut bits
Eggs – Free Range

This was the recipe, with a bit of elbow grease, love, care and careful measuring and blending I put together a four layer sponge with jam and cream inside. Covered with butter cream and coated with the coconut bits. Topped with a few cherries… It was a master piece  Well, kind of – when it had baked I thought the sponge was a bit heavy, it tasted good but was just not light and fluffy. I had no time to make changes it was past midnight… After it had cooled off, I put it together and went to bed, it was 1:30am.

Saturday morning came so I took it along to the contest. I’ve not got a clue who the competition were, I’m betting it was folks like me just having a go at baking to support the Fair Trade fortnight and Big Brew event…

Anyways – I won… The best overall cake, can you believe it? A great part of my new years resolution to do things I’ve never done before. So far, I did the talk at youth club – albeit with some help from Pete. Entered a cake bake, whatever will come next. Parachute, canoe, cycle rides are all on the horizon.


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