Monday, March 27, 2006


I started studying CCNA September 2005. The course is running until May this year.

It is broken down into 4 terms Numbered 1 to 4. Each term is broken up into modules, at the end of each module you must complete the module exam. I did well in CCNA1 maintaining a 92% average throughout and in CCNA2 I managed more or less the same. I have been studying CCNA 3 for the past 5 weeks and am not doing so well.

I can't get to grips with the teaching material, although it is presented in the same style as the previous terms it just seems to be so much harder to digest. My grade average is at 79% which is still a passable rate, its just not as good as my previous scores. After I have completed the 4 CCNA class exams to be an Industry Standard CCNA I have to sit the Recognised exams.
There are two options, Intro plus ICND, or the CCNA exam. I will be sitting the CCNA this summer hopfully

So far on the end of term exams I have had good scores.
CCNA 1 was 93% 1st attempt. CCNA 2 was 76% first attempt but I got that upto 92% on my second attempt. My final exam for CCNA 3 is this Thursday evening.... so off to study some more....

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