Sunday, May 21, 2006

Final Exam

Sat the the final exam for CCNA 4 last week passed at 78%, throughout the four semesters my grades decreased. Through semesters one to four the study materials are less but the subject increases in difficulty. Although I have finished and passed all parts of the CCNA academy course this still doesn't mean I have a CCNA. The next step now is to sit an industry recognized exam or exams at a Prometric test centre.
I have two options, I can sit the CCNA exam to gain qualification or sit the Intro and ICND to gain the qualification. During the course I passed two voucher exams that will give me discount on the cost of the exams.
This is the next step now, to decide which exam or exams to sit. I am told the exams are all time pressured with about 60 questions in each and vary in difficulty. The single CCNA exam I am led to beleive is most difficult with the two exam route having the most questions but more specific in each exam. Doing the two exam route obviously gives you a better chance of achieving the 85% pass mark because you can answer more questions incorrect.
I am tending to sway toward the one exam, I just want it all over and done with so I can make a move with my career and start to plan ahead, either study some more for more quals or try to move on. I have been quite busy of late studying and balancing life at home with the family so one last push now. I have to book my exam hopfully for sometime early June so this gives me a couple of weeks revision and practice and by the end of it I will have a CCNA. Foundation of the cisco qualifications, I may start to look for a company that will support me in my future qualifications.

Until the exam, wish me luck.

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