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Forgive the Profanity

Chav Bastard,,,,, Thick stupid ... aaaaaaargggggggghhhhhhhhhh...

I will stop right there. Yes I swear, I do try not to but with living life in this insane shithole I feel it gives me a release; I am so wound up at the moment I just need to let this out......

Tonight I arrive home from work, step out of my car open the door to get my laptop...
As I turn round there is a stupid C**t on bashed up motorbike screaming toward me. He was riding with his front wheel in the air, the loudest exhaust you ever heard, imagine a bowing 747 in your front room, you get the picture. He goes past and I flag him down,, he bimbles over and says "Wah" Wah do ya want?" I say in my friendly voice.... Imagine ninja Turtle here "Dude,,,,, is there any need to ride like that...... you are scaring the kiddies....! oh yes did I mention there are loads of kids playing, there always is.. the sun shines the kids play... Back to it....

The guy on the bike.... he says " look mate I will run you over if you step out in front of me like that again. after a little debate I ask him to slow down and explain the children playing may neglect road sense and safety whilst playing so we as adults need to be aware of the youngsters....

Well what's bad about that I ask..... nothing I think... well what explains his next sentence... "you think you own the street, next time I come down here I will ride like that, you can try to nock me off but me and mates will kill you".. then he rides off.... think now the loudest FUCKING ENGINE YOU EVER HEARD>>>>>>>>.... After this I am not best pleased so I walk into the house. Meanwhile my neighbour is leaving for a course for a week so I stop to wish him all the best and have a good trip. As I was chatting who comes back.... you guessed it... old CHAV bollocks.. this time he stops, I approch him and ask " why dude, why do you ride like that ?"
His reply " You said if you see me riding like that again you will nock me off and you didn't.. you are just a twat." What I did say earlier was " oh yes if you ran me or a kid over you would probably fall off.. so all invloved would be hurt... "

Why did he see it like this? shit I can't work this out... I thought to myself this guy wants trouble, so I stayed calm and spoke gently and nice to him, advising that he should slowdown and no one will be hurt. As he left after telling me how tough he is... and his mates ...he disappeared telling me he was coming to get me with his mates. He stopped at a house opposite mine and started talking to his scum friends. Right after, a Van drove past my house, turned around at the end of the street and came past again, The van driver was staring at me, he then joined his mates at the house opposite..

So... I am now sitting here blogging this feeling.... well feeling angry pissed off a bit worried .

Will these twats come here later and give me grief?
Will I be a target for them?
I just don't know..
I have a young family and I will not let anyone hurt or scare them. I hope the law will help if this does get a bit out of hand. I am hoping this is all idle threats and it will all go away.. for fuck sake I asked the guy to slow down...


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