Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Walk The Dog

Finally remembered the name of the Cycle Route at Cannock Chase; Walk The Dog. A seven mile route with a few hills here and there but with loads of fast downhill parts. Had an outing over there with my friend Terry the other day, had to cut it short though because I had some problems with my brakes. The back brake stopped working completely. I fixed it when I got home by adjusting the pads though. Over the past few months I have tried different food and drinks to have before, after and during cycling, I have found the energy drinks from Decathlon to be quite good. The drinks are in powder form and don't taste too bad, the energy bars from the same place are cool aswell. I used to drink about 2 litres of water every 2 hours before I used the powders, now I drink about half that and don't have the thirsty feeling. I can recommend bananas to eat along with the cereal bars, they don't give you heart burn and are supposed to contain loads of slow release energy plus they taste good.
Couple of pictures below from the ride with Terence last week in the rain. Same kind of picture you usually see on this blog; blokes on bikes.

Muddy Day, the best kind of day to have in your career. Too Right !

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