Thursday, April 06, 2006

CCNA Prep Contd some more.

Oh yes,

Result... Sat the final exam for CCNA 3 for the second time today, Passed...
got 89%. Better than a kick in the teeth.

Moved straight on to CCNA 4, have got to get six modules completed over the easter holidays thats 3 modules a week. I will be putting my CCNA 4 module notes on to pbullox ccna blog over the next few weeks.

Work is very busy at the moment, home is busy too. Her in doors giving it to me in the neck for being busy. I guess she wants it more than I thought...

Don't worry Shell good things come to those that don't moan at their husband... Love You.

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Homer said...

well done bwanna
I hope you're managing your priorities now ;)

eating dog poo

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