Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nice Legs

Out at Cannock again Saturday on my bike; had a good time. Went along with Chris and Mark. Quite a few people on the track this week so there were lots of bottle necks at top of big hills when everyone was nackered. It was good to see that it wasn't just me out of breath, it was nearly everyone.

Some nice bikes around though Scott, Specialized and Kona, the track has a bit of a battering over the winter there are lots of potholes and ruts appearing. I didn't fall off this time though. I put that down to my new handlebar grips, seem to have more control of the bike. My fitness is getting a little better, I only got off my bike for a few seconds this time on the hill, next time I'll do it in a oner, hopefully..

Some pics from my phone

Left: Chris on his new Specialized

Right: Fat Boy(Me)... Nice Legs though. Not!

Took these after we had finished, the mud is from the Wyre Forest the day before. Wyre Forest was an outing the other day with Terry from work, that was a good few hours out. We did about 8 miles not knowing where we were going, great! Stumbled upon Pleasantville, one of those real sad holiday home places were everyone knows everyone, Lots of nice cars and rich folks there though.
Toward the end of the ride I was feeling quite confident about my sense of direction to get back, boy how wrong was I. Terry said lets go one way, I said no the other way. We asked a passing cyclist, yes Terry was right, I nearly added a couple of miles of uphill to the journey. Well done geezer next time I'm listening to you. All in all a good ride at the forest we kept clear of the visitor centre so there were no people around either.

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