Saturday, April 22, 2006

Much of a Muchness

What a waste today has been, I have done 4 hours study on and off throughout the day. Completed module 3 exam; had to cheat a bit on this I hadn't finished the material, only 2 questions though. Visited halfords to buy a bike light for the boy, they only had L.E.D. type, these are just pants for lighting things up. Good for being seen but not good for seeing. I am hoping to get out tomorrow on my bike. I was out friday but my back brake failed so I cut the ride short, I'll blog that next, found the secret of disc barakes.

The light I have purchased is a Cat Eye; it looks to be quite good albeit a bit expensive at £15.00. On Sunday I want to take my boy on a cycle trip along the local canals. I say local but I mean nearby canals; I live on a hill. The route will take us through various towns for about 25 miles, we will get to ride through the Netherton Tunnel (I'll get some pics) this is were we need lights; a 1 mile tunnel to gain access to Sandwell from Dudley. Ben, my eldest son has just had a new bike so this will be the first big distance outing he's done.

Back to today, what a washout, I have done some study, cooked tea for me and the family wrote this blog and had trip to buy a bike light, Where has the day gone? I just don't know. I am only writing this entry because I am sitting here on my own with a bottle of Jim and there is nothing worth watching on the TV.
Thats it for now, her in doors is back.

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