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I think this is well worth a mention.

Yes its Grand National Day. Last year I had a small bet on the national but my horse fell at the second fence. The horse I changed on my betting slip actually won last year. Never Mind...

Back to it....... This year my fortunes changed because I backed the Winner. Numbersixvalverde. What an horse. I bet £5.00 each way 11/1 so the stake was £7.50 when it came in. Got £78.75 from the William Hill. Very happy my once year bet came in.

I was out shopping with her in doors when the race was being run, I took my phone with a radio so I could listen in. Thing is on a Saturday here in the UK football dominates, so the only results I could here on all stations were the football results. Had to wait for the news to find out the winner, next year I'll stay at home to watch it live.
Anyway good result for the day....

Picture of the Winner.
Which One I hear you ask? The one in front obviously.


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